Packing tips to travel like a pro:


Going on vacation is the best. Feels like the departure is too long to wait? Try putting your clothes in your suitcase. Naturally, the anxiety of knowing what to pack and how to make it all fit can give a little boost to your excitement before the holidays.

These are some great packaging tips from the experts. Whether you’re someone who starts packing a week early or waits until the last minute, these hacks will make sure that your favorite outfit doesn’t wrinkle and you have plenty of room for souvenirs.

1. Choose travel-friendly fabrics:

Always go opting for knits and stretchy fabrics. Even when these fabrics wrinkle, the creases will fall out when you hang them up. While not the freshest option, polyester wrinkles less and is very lightweight for summer travel. Look for breathable sleeveless styles that have a looser weave for the most comfort.

2. Bring your own mini iron:

Despite your best packaging efforts, some wrinkles and creases are unavoidable. That’s where the mini iron comes in. Travel iron that is portable, easy to use and with minimal weight for your convenience. It takes up little space and is perfect for a quick touch on the go. Before buying one, iron size specifications need to be kept in mind, to determine how much space is needed in your luggage.

3. Pack the first outfit you’ll want to wear at the top:

If you know you got off the plane and went straight to dinner or a meeting, plan your clothes and put them as your first outfit in the luggage. That way, when you arrive, you don’t have to dig into everything else to find it.

4. Place heavy items at the base:

Store heavier items such as shoes and books at the end of your luggage. This placement helps your bag stay stable while standing upright, and stops other items from getting stuck. Pick luggage that’s durable enough to stand up to some rough handling.

5. Get extra bags for souvenir:

What’s travelling without purchasing souvenir for relatives and friends? Bring extra bags as it won’t take up much space on the way to your destination. You can fill it with almost anything you buy during travelling.

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