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Catering to different demographics and requirements

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all travel. We understand that different demographics have different needs, and that one company’s dream trip might be another company’s travel nightmare!

We can leverage our network of business subsidiaries and partners to cater to all kinds of requirements and preferences. Every trip should be exceptional – and no one should feel left out.

Muslim-Friendly Packages

We established FTG Vacation in 2020 to cater specifically to Muslim travellers and deliver high-quality travel experiences in accordance with the Muslim faith. FTG Vacation is sensitive to the specific requirements of Islamic practices and beliefs, and designs special itineraries in line with these.

Whether overseas meetings or cultural excursions, we are committed to ensuring our Muslim customers are comfortable throughout the journey.

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Virtual Events

In a post-pandemic world, virtual events have remained popular even as international borders open up. Virtually is a business incorporated under Yes Travel in 2020 to deliver immersive and engaging virtual experiences for companies looking for new ways to create, share and market content.

From video and sound production to scriptwriting and digital marketing, Virtually can handle all aspects of a successful online event, unlocking new opportunities to connect with current and potential customers all over the world.

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We love to create life-changing travel experiences – and we’re always excited about a new challenge. If you have any questions about our prices or planning process or would like to get started with an initial consultation, we’re waiting to hear from you.

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