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At first glance, Malaysia may not seem to be a great destination worth visiting for travel, especially since it is not the most talked about or popularly mentioned on travel blogs and sites. You may be surprised to know that some people are not even aware of Malaysia’s existence on the globe, save for the locals themselves.

But beneath the unimpressive perception, Malaysia turns out to be one of the best places in the world for having your vacation. Set in Southeast Asia, this country boasts a rich multicultural diversity, offers abundant yummy food and possesses breath-taking nature-themed places of interest that will make your visit a truly memorable one.

Malaysia serves as a perfect place to host MICE events. Malaysia serves as a perfect place to host MICE events. source: Malaysia Tourism

Apart from being a lovely holiday venue, Malaysia also serves as a perfect mice destinations to host MICE events.

What is MICE?

First time hearing about MICE? No, we are not talking about rodents here – MICE is an acronym that stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions.

When talking about MICE industry, it typically refers to a type of group tourism where a large number of people are brought together for a specific purpose, usually business related.

Meetings are events where people gather to discuss, plan or carry out an activity in a place. It is a general term used to label gathering functions commonly hosted at convention centres, hotels or other spacious venues suited for such events.

Incentives refer to a getaway or trip awarded to employees with the intention or objective to show appreciation and reward talents, especially as a form of recognition of past work performances.

Organizing conference in Malaysia is convenient, cost effective and strategic Organizing conference in Malaysia is convenient, cost-effective and strategic. Source: Ask Venue

Conferences are basically meetings but with more serious topics that are about getting down to business, covering things like forum discussions, and highlights of current issues and possible solutions. This type of event is usually geared towards people working in the same industry looking to network, share and learn from others within the same niche.

Exhibitions are a type of gathering function focused on businesses showcasing particular products and services to interested participants of the event.

How to choose good MICE Event?

Choosing a good MICE event to host is crucial – you wouldn’t want to organise some event where the turnout is low, which defeats the purpose of hosting such a gathering in the first place. It is important to identify your purposes and set clear objectives before planning your MICE event.

Some examples of successful MICE events held in Malaysia include:-

  • Franchise International Malaysia 2017 (FIM) – This event is Southeast Asia’s largest annual franchise exhibition, and also the only franchise event officially approved by the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-Operatives & Consumerism (MDTCC) and Malaysian Franchise Association (MFA).
  • METALTECH 2017 – This event has been ASEAN’s and also Malaysia’s largest international machine tool & metalworking technology exhibition for more than 20 years, serving as the best platform for suppliers to display new products and services, attract new businesses and contacts and learn via knowledge sharing.
  • 4th Industrial Revolution Asia Summit 2017 – An established conference held to discuss the latest research insights and the most innovative approaches related to Artificial Intelligence, addictive manufacturing, Internet of Things, Big Data and Smart Factories.
  • Cafe Malaysia 2018 – The largest gathering of coffee and tea industry players to showcase equipment, machinery, accessories and various supplies and products to cater to the ever-growing coffee and tea consumption demands.
  • Worldchefs Congress & Expo 2018 – A four-day expo that brought industry leaders in food and beverage together as well as offering complete solutions for industrial kitchens. It is a biennial event that becomes the premier platform to showcase latest culinary innovations.

Key Points to organise a good MICE Malaysia Event

Planning to organise a MICE event and want to ensure its success? Here are a few key points to take note:

  • Venue: Be sure to get a place that is spacious enough to cater to huge groups and highly accessible, with good ambience for large gatherings plus good facilities available. A large venue will provide a comfortable setting for your intended participants to fully enjoy and focus on your event.
  • Organiser/ Travel Agency: You would want to have a reliable organiser or travel agency to assist with venue and event participation bookings, taking care of budgets, setting up of event space and managing the overall flow of your event to ensure smooth and successful event hosting.

Especially when a MICE event usually encompasses a large crowd, having a dedicated organiser team certainly helps to provide you a good, positive and hassle-free event hosting experience.

  • Unique Ideas: While MICE events are known to be gatherings that cover mostly serious talks and discussions on serious current topics, it doesn’t have to stay boring all the time.

You could consider incorporating unique ideas to meetings such as holding them at unconventional venues, incentive trips that provide special rewards like VIP treatments, conferences with interesting out-of-the-box presentations, exhibitions that showcase one-of-a-kind products and inventions – these unusual ideas will capture the public’s attention and attract higher participation, contributing to more repeat events in future.

Famous MICE Venues in Malaysia

In Malaysia, these are the few popular spaces for organizing large-scale MICE events:

Located in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, these venues offer grand spaces coupled with great amenities to complement your event.

Mid Valley Exhibition Centre is a famous place to organize large scale MICE in MalaysiaMid Valley Exhibition Centre is a famous place to organize large scale MICE in Malaysia. Source: Food Malaysia

Yes Travel & Holidays, Your Best Travel Agency in Hosting MICE Events

Yes Travel & Holidays is established in 2008, initially a small travel company working on inbound tours operations and services. As the company has expanded, we are now focusing on outbound tours operations and services.

You may wonder, what are our services as a MICE Organiser? Here’s a list of what we offer:

1. Meet and Greet!

Expect our team to be ready at your destination way before your group’s arrival, with easy-to-identify signage for a simple and smooth pick-up.

Don’t worry, we are a friendly and easy-going bunch with the mission to provide you warm and joyful welcome experience. Includes luggage handling and other special requests such as providing information on places of interest, bottled water and such.

2. Transfers and Tours

We offer transfer services from your arrival place to your desired destination in the mode of transport you prefer: Limousine, minibus, sedan car, you name it!

As for tours, our pleasant tour guides are well-trained and experienced enough to conduct your tours, whether personal or group tours. Have burning questions or pressing needs and requests? Just talk to our tour guides and we will do our best to help you.

3. Hotel accommodation

Wide selection of hotels in Malaysia makes it an ideal place to organize MICE events Wide selection of hotels in Malaysia makes it an ideal place to organize MICE events. Source: booking


Rest assured that our team gets your hotel bookings and room assignments all sorted beforehand to ensure smooth check-ins.

We can also help to manage and coordinate arrangements from your hotel to your event. We take care of all the accommodation stress so that you can just relax and focus on getting to your event.

4. Site Inspection

We make it a point (or more) to check out the recommended places to visit and available facilities prior to offering you the available options.

Our dedicated staff also personally tend to and inspect those places thoroughly to ensure that you will have an enjoyable and pleasant travel experience.

5. Creative Theme Concepts and Event Management

Need a theme that is different than usual?

Just leave the brainstorming and creative planning to us – let us know your thoughts and rough ideas in mind and we will help you take care of the rest in terms of theme concepts and event management.

From logistics to space to budget to gifts and more, we have got you covered in every aspect of your important event, brand consistency and company identity included.

6. Outdoor Recreational and Team Building Activities

Looking for activities that you can do outdoors?

We can assist you in finding for the right outdoor recreational stuff to do to get your active side going and fulfil your company team-building requirements.

Futsal, golf, rock-climbing, hiking, treasure hunts – just name it and we will get right at organising and managing your activities with your safety and fun as our priority.

7. Personalization Services

We also cater to special souvenir and gift requests for travels and events such as corporate door gifts with customised logo, post-trip photo albums, custom-made travel sets, personalised banners, et cetera.

Hosting a MICE event is not an easy task – you are dealing with everything on a large scale and such an event is a huge function that requires detailed, careful planning and organising that can only succeed with a great organiser or travel agency who is an expert in handling MICE events.

At Yes Travel & Holidays, we are committed to making sure you have a worry-free experience throughout hosting a MICE event. We understand perfectly the entire event hosting flow, from planning and budgeting right down to event execution and post-event management.

With Yes Travel & Holidays, you can be assured that we strongly stand by our motto: Your leisure is our pleasure.

Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoy going through this article and find the information above useful. And if you like this, spread the word – help us share it!

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