Exclusive incentive trips

Premium rewards for your high performers

Incentive trips are an incredible way to motivate your top employees. Yes Travel can curate exclusive itineraries to encourage your staff to meet – and exceed – their business targets. These aren’t just lavish vacations – they are strategic investments in your company’s success.

The luxury trip of a lifetime

Through our extensive network and premium partnerships with elite travel operators, we can offer a VIP experience for your staff. From personalised meet-and-greets to luxury vehicles and five-star accommodation, give your high performers a taste of the high life. Yes Travel can also customise souvenirs and branded merchandise to add to the exclusive appeal of the trip.

Memorable, motivational & morale-boosting

Setting clear targets for the chance to earn a luxury trip is an effective way to motivate your team to exceed expectations, increase productivity, and boost morale. Incentive trips can increase employee’s pride and engagement in their work, by offering a clear and highly attractive reward for going the extra mile.

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Next-level networking

Incentive trips can include exclusive events and access to influential industry leaders, offering networking opportunities for your employees. It’s an ideal environment for building stronger relationships – and building stronger teams.

Personal & professional growth

An incentive trip is a great way for employees to refresh, recharge, and reflect on the rewards of their hard work – and encourage them to keep it up. By getting away from the office and indulging in some luxury leisure time, employees will reduce stress, increase happiness, and feel motivated to return to work in a positive mindset.


Attract & retain your top talent

By not only recognising, but celebrating your employees’ achievements, you are clearly demonstrating your appreciation for them and that you value their well-being. This is a great way to retain your top talent – and attract potential new hires with enticing perks.

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