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Best form of Employee Incentives

Company Incentive trips are one of the best things that employees look forward

Incentive trips are one of the best things that employees look forward to when working in a company as these trips are a form of reward and recognition for all their hard work and effort invested into their roles and company.

While companies that provide these kind of incentive trips are usually those from the insurance, banking and finance, manufacturing, direct-selling and real estate industries, this does not mean your company cannot be the next place to offer attractive incentive trip tours to your staff!

Company Incentive Trips Boost Employee Moral

Company travel incentive help to motivate your employees to perform better at work after attending refreshing tours and recharging their spirits. They serve as one of the greatest ways to retain talents within your company too and make your staff feel appreciated.

Company incentive travel programs can also fulfil employees’ goal settings & motivate employees, whereby giving them the incentive trips allows them to tick travel destinations off their travel bucket list, further boosting their sense of achievement in life apart from work.

Company incentive trips help to motivate your employees
Customized Itineraries For You​

Customized Itineraries For You

Our team at Yes Travel & Holidays can help customize itineraries according to your needs, leveraging on our years of solid experiences to create the most wonderful and rewarding trip for you and your staff. We also provide customized collaterals to go with the incentive tours for company branding initiatives & incentive programs

Experience Like Never Before

Experience a life of luxury like never before throughout the company incentive trip tours! Ride to places in a limousine, get pampered with VIP treatments, participate in whale watching, party on a cruise and more!

We have a list of fresh & inspiring company trip ideas for you to kick start.

Let us help you customize your company incentive trip tours to be as amazing as possible – contact us to find out more!

Wheel Watching is one of the unforgettable experience in Company Incentive Trip

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