Company Events Planning
& Organization

Events Planning Made Easy

At Yes Travel and Holidays, you can expect a hassle-free company events planning and organization. Our team has over 10 years of experience in planning for all kinds of corporate events – Short company trips, Annual trips or Incentive trips, Annual dinners, Team building activities, Oversea seminars, Oversea meetings and even Oversea factory visits.

Priding ourselves for providing customer-oriented services, we have got you covered from the start to the end of your event and trip. Our dedicated team at Yes Travel and Holidays will discuss with you to understand your budget and requirements prior to making the necessary arrangements for your trips and functions.

Company Events Planning with Venue & Transportation Arrangement

Our company events planning and organisation services come with venue arrangements to ensure your events will be hosted comfortably and successfully according to the scale of your event. We also assist in booking accommodations so that you and your event participants can stay and rest comfortably.

We can arrange your preferred mode of transportation throughout your trip and event too – whether you need minibuses, tour buses or vans, rest assured your mode of getting around is well handled by our experienced team so that you can travel to places in a worry-free manner.

One-stop & Best Rate Flight Bookings

We also offer one-stop bookings for flight to your desired local or oversea travel destinations whether it is a short flight or a long haul one, at the best rates possible. Apart from bookings, you can expect additional value-added services such as flight points reward submission, flexible travel date and time changes to flight itinerary, special ticket reservations for specific days and more.

We also specialise in providing you the best and special experiences for your company trips and events. We strongly believe that company trips and events are one of the best incentives and motivations an employee could have, and therefore, should be a rewarding experience.

Customized Itinerary & VIP Experience

From smooth transfer services via limousine rides to enjoying VIP treatments, you will be in for an unforgettable time of your life.

On top of that, we provide printing of collaterals for your trip and event such as name tags, brochures, itineraries and miscellaneous pamphlets to complete your adventure.

Tell us your ideas and we at Yes Travel and Holidays will come up with complete company events planning and organization solutions tailored to your needs.

Yes Travel & Holidays has organized and handled many factory visits over the years

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