10 Business Travel Benefits You Might Not Realise


Business travel may feel like a stressful road trip but maybe these travel benefits may help you see the good side of it?

A business trip can be a tiresome task but not if you see the benefits of business travel. Source: entrepreneur.com

Business trips are something unavoidable for certain roles in a company and at times, these trips may feel like a chore rather than an exciting and inspiring event. However, did you know business travel does have its perks apart from the possible monotonous and stressful situation?

Here are 10 business travel benefits you might not realise – it’s time to change your perception of business trips to a more positive one so that you can start looking forward to your next travel!

1. Refreshing Change of Environment

Business travel is an opportunity to work outside of the office. Source: concur.com

No one enjoys staying in the same spot all the time as everyone is prone to boredom. And what better way to break the office monotone than attending a business trip?

While your other colleagues may be contented staying cooped in their cubicles tending to piles of paperwork, you get to step out of the building and go on a company-paid adventure. Well, isn’t that a cool business travel benefit?

2. Opportunity to Meet New People

You will never know the kind of people you will meet on your business trip. Source: monster.com

Just like leisure travels, corporate travel provides you with the opportunity to get to know new contacts out of your work and social circles. Rather than seeing the same faces of your colleagues every day, this business travel benefit allows you to build connections and relationships with interesting people. And who knows, you could be on your way to getting a like-minded hobbyist, a best friend or even a love interest apart from good business partners.

3. Opportunity to Take A Break

You can treat yourself to some time away from work while on a business trip. Source: elefsinahotel.gr

Business travel is still a form of travel after all. No doubt the purpose of business travel requires you to work, meet clients and discuss all things work-related, but that does not mean you are not allowed some personal break time during the trip. Take the chance to explore new activities or things you have always wanted to do at your travel place – you deserve the break anyway.

4. Explore New Places

Take some time to check out the places you have never been to before. Source: tripstodiscover.com

Yes, you may be on a mission to secure an important deal or discuss crucial matters with clients on behalf of your company. However, when you are finally free from work duties, this is the time you can use to explore your work travel venue.

It could be checking out food places or a popular place of interest – the trip gives you great corporate travel perks to go to places you never thought of visiting if not for work trip arrangement.

5. Earn Personal Miles from Business Travel

Work plus earning personal mile points simultaneously – a win-win situation. Source: 10xtravel.com

Even though business travel is paid by the company, you may be able to collect personal mile points or cash backs either from booking accommodation and flights to dining at restaurants. This definitely feels like a win-win situation – your company gets its purpose of business travel fulfilled, you get bonus miles from going on the work trip.

6. Learn to Be An Adaptable Person

Business travel trains you to cope with unexpected issues. Source: medium.com

You will never know what kind of uncertainties you will face when going on a work trip. You could possibly suffer from a flight delay, missing luggage, travel accommodation issues, limited choices of food or succumbed to pickpockets when going on business travel.

These potential risks help you stay vigilant and be more conscious of your actions, plus increase your adaptability skills should these adverse and unforeseen circumstances occur – such handy benefits of business travel!

7. Passport Stamp Collection

Every corporate trip is a chance to collect yet another country’s stamp! Source: trimmtravels.com

You know you love seeing your passport decorated with stamps from travelling to many different countries, and going on corporate travel is the perfect way to collect them all! It’s like a personal travel achievement, except you get paid to see the world and experience the many cultural differences, a business travel benefit thanks to your company.

8. Pack Your Luggage Like a Pro

Maybe you could put packing luggage like a pro in your resume as a skill? Source: smartertravel.com

If there’s one superpower you can get among the benefits of business travel, it is the ability to pack your luggage in a short frame of time like a pro, plus knowing the best way to pack!

There could be instances where you are required to pack for a week’s worth of clothes to somewhere far and overseas in say, an hour or less. You will be able to have all your travel essentials packed in your bag and ready, with due consideration given to lightweight items, rolled clothes over folded ones, and luggage approved by the airline.

9. Tax Exemptions

Who doesn’t love tax exemptions? Source: plctax.solutions

One of the corporate travel benefits is getting tax exemptions that you otherwise would not get from non-business class or normal condition. As long as you do your research well and know when and where you can reap such corporate travel perks, you will be able to control your spendings and manage your finances well during the trip. You could even get discounts for food (and some goodies if you are lucky enough) when you are travelling for business.

10. Gain Experiences to Share to Others

Corporate travel gives you valuable experience that you can share with your colleagues. Source: verywellmind.com

Business travel benefits such as this may seem obvious yet it is also quite taken for granted by many people. By going on work trips, you will gain plenty of new exposures and interesting experiences, which you can share and tell stories of your journey to colleagues, friends and family.

These experiences not only add value to your career but also your life. And through sharing the details of your trip encounters, you and your listeners could also gain new insights and have fun discussing them.

Business Travel Benefits
Business travel benefits are all around you – it’s up to you to take charge of a more positive outlook on corporate travel. Source: travelleaderscorporate.com

Hope you gain some new perspectives after reading our article on the 10 business travel benefits you might not realise! While business trips may be heavily focused on work, do remember to take time off for some break and leisure to maintain a balance between work and rest.

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