Brilliant ways to actually use your travel photo:


If you travel and own a camera and a smartphone, it is safe to say that you return home from vacation with hundreds of snapshots. The other travel photo will be neglect as we may have been posting too much on our social media. That will make our feed looks bad.   When it comes to travel photo projects, the Internet is full of smart idea like photo-wrapped pencil set. For the knowingly craft-challenged set, simple prints are the way to go.

1. Print photos directly from your smartphone:

We would normally retaking the exact same photo on phone as we are a visual hoarder. With Wireless Mobile Photo Printer, we can wirelessly connects to your smartphone to print photos instantly.

2. Pin them to a map board:

For travel memories, a basic bulletin board will do. Pin your trip photos, and any visually appealing tickets, postcards, polaroids and such you acquired along the way to this cork wall map.

3. Decorate your table desk with travel photo:

Start every day at work with a little reminder of what you’re really earning that paycheck for: more incredible travel experiences.

4. Turn your Instagram feed into an actual book:

Photobooks can be a lot of work, but fret not. These days, there are many services provided printing our Instagram and Facebook images and make them into a photobooks with reasonably price.

5. Use clothespins to hang up your prints:

You can change them out easily once you get bored with the photos. Mind you as the colour would fade easily. This can be made by yourself as you only need to staple or glue twine to the back of the rope, then use clothespin to hang up your prints.

6. Create a photo wall:

Make a series of framed prints so every detail of your travel memories has its own real estate in your heart and on your wall. You can print your favourite photos in almost any size straight from your personal shoot gallery.

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