Top 10 Benefits for Tour Group Travel You May Not Realise

Who says group tours are always boring or unpleasant? They don’t have to be so! Source:

Whenever someone mentions about tour group travel, the general impression is that travelling in a group may be boring and restricted. You are required to tag along with random strangers who happen to sign up for the same group tour package, and chances are, you might meet some weirdos who might just ruin your entire trip experience.

Flip the coin and look at the bright side – while there is a possibility that a group tour is not something you enjoy or look forward to, group travel does have its benefits. For Muslims who have concerns on religion restrictions, there’re plenty of group travel trips only for Muslims too. Read also: Useful Travel Tips for Muslim Travellers.

Here are the top 10 benefits for tour group travel you may not realise, and we are here to tell you about them! Perhaps these group travel benefits might change your perception about group tours?

1. Skip Tour Planning

Planning your trip can be stressful but not anymore with a group tour! Source:

If you are a person who enjoys planning your trip from A to Z, good for you. But if you happen to be part of the majority that thinks planning a holiday is a chore and would rather do away with it, then group travel is the perfect solution.

You don’t have to do any tour planning at all since the travel itinerary is all covered by your travel agency. The only planning you need to do is probably what to pack for your trip, and when to wake up and be ready to be whisked away for a tour?

2. Travel the world with like-minded people

Who knows that you will meet people of the same frequency (or wackiness) as you? Source:

Group tours exist because a collection of people wish to explore the same place at about the same time and would rather visit the location with a group of companions.

You will be able to meet and travel to places with people of similar tastes despite coming from various backgrounds. These are the people who choose to go for group travel for possibly similar or same reasons – going to the same travel venue, attracted to the affordable tour packages, doesn’t mind or enjoys lively environment of group tour, lazy to plan, and more.

Whatever the reasons may be, at least it is comforting to know you are travelling with a group who has the same travel purpose as you do.

3. Achieve more when you group travel

Travelling in a group makes you skip making excuses for yourself when it comes to doing trip activities. Source:

Have plenty of places you wish to go but couldn’t seem to visit all of them in the end? Or are you the kind that has little to no idea where to go and what to do on a trip?

This is where the benefit of travel together comes in. As your travel itinerary is fixed, there is no lazy excuse for you such as “I’m tired, I’ll explore that place some other time” but to go for all the places of interest as planned.

This drives you to maximise your trip, especially if it is the first time travelling overseas or visiting a new place. And if you are the clueless type, tour group travel will provide you details of attractions covered in the trip and keep you moving so you don’t have to worry about where to go at all. Pick up new knowledge from an experienced tour guide

4. Pick up new knowledge from an experienced tour guide

An experienced tour guide is your best travel teacher. Source:

An experienced tour guide is one of the best teachers to have when it comes to travelling. Having gone on trips for as many times as they could remember, a seasoned tour guide is your reliable source of travel info and this is a group travel benefit that you otherwise wouldn’t get if you decide to travel solo or on your own agenda.

An experienced tour guide will be able to tell you the do’s and don’ts, some travel tips, experiences encountered at certain countries, and bring you to the best places in town (if you ask nicely). These knowledge and experience sharing gained will definitely help improve your overall travel experience.

5. Budget ahead and enjoy group discounts

Going for tour group package helps you plan ahead your trip finances since you pay for most things in advance. Source:

Going for group tours helps with budgeting as most of your travel necessities such as flight, hotel, transport and tickets to places of interest are paid for in advance, usually in the form of group tour package. This means you get to plan your finances ahead to cover expenses on food and maybe, souvenirs during the trip and that’s about it.

Also, travelling in a group is usually cheaper since there are always more discounts, deals and promotions for groups compared to solo or couple travellers. There’s always strength in numbers, and group travel certainly make good use of this benefit of travel together!

6. Reduce your environmental impact

Reducing carbon footprint such as in transport and emissions is the one great group travel benefit you may not realise. Source:

Did you know that travelling on your own means using a lot of resources far more than travelling in a group? Environmental impact is something most of us are not concerned about but like it or not, the way we care for the environment will affect us in the long run.

When you travel in a tour group, you tend to leave less carbon footprint compared to going on a private tour, since you tend to share accommodation and transport with your travel group. This makes group travel a more environmentally-friendly option.

With group tours, you get to see the world while minimising the damage or carbon footprints towards Mother Nature, so why not?

7. Travel safe and secure

Travelling in a group provides you better safety than travelling alone. Source:

Travelling in a group tends to be safer as you are travelling in numbers, providing you with the help and support you need in case you are caught in unexpected trouble as compared to travelling alone.

Not only that, you have a tour guide or two who are in charge of your welfare during the tour so you can be assured that safety is one of the biggest concerns that will be taken care of.

Of course, travelling in a tour group does not mean it is 100% danger proof but at least it is comforting to know that you aren’t alone in the face of danger.

8. Make new lifelong friends

There is a chance that you gain new friendships that will last a lifetime. Source:

This group travel benefit is not surprising – you meet all kinds of new people in a tour group and chances are, some of them could turn out to be your lifelong friends.

Travelling in a group tour isn’t all a bed of roses. Sometimes, you and your fellow tour group mates happen to go through a series of unfortunate incidents together in your travel. And it is under these unforeseen circumstances that strong friendship tends to bloom and grow.

9. Have someone to take photos of you

Taking full portraits of yourself is no longer a pain anymore with group travel. Source:

What does travelling in a group means? No more struggles in taking selfies and shots by yourself!

You don’t have to search around in public for someone friendly and kind enough to take pictures of you since your travel group mates are an easy source of photographers. They have travelled in the same transport and stay at the same accommodation as you do, so you have become a familiar enough face for them to help you out with full body photos and quirky shots.

You could even help your fellow group tour buddies with their shots too so it’s a win-win situation for sure!

10. Learn to stay out of comfort zone

You learn to cope with staying out of your comfort zone better travelling in a group. Source:

Are you a person who prefers to do things on your own within your own space, time and enjoyment? Being contented in your own comfort zone for too long may not be a good idea as you tend to be less receptive to new ideas and sudden changes.

Travelling in a group tour helps you to cope with staying out of your comfort zone – you are forced to try and adapt to new things, people and environment, plus activities you usually wouldn’t think of doing. And the benefit of travel together in a group from this is that you have tourmates around to do things together so you won’t feel like you are the only one trying to survive new changes.

group travel photo
A group tour can turn out to be an interesting experience travelling together with people from all walks of life. Source:

There, you have it – our list of top 10 benefits for tour group travel you may not realise! Did you know all of these benefits beforehand though?

We hope this article will shed some light and maybe change your perception a little about tour group travel. There are always pros and cons to everything but it is up to us to weigh the pros and cons ourselves, and make the best out of each thing and situation in life, such as a group tour!

Hope you enjoy reading our list! Do like, share and comment your feedback – we would love to hear from you!

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