6 Ideas for Day Trip from Kuala Lumpur


The ideas of day trip from Kuala Lumpur should be included in any traveller’s itinerary as it is cheaper and nearer to the city of Kuala Lumpur. It promises both natural and manmade, the best that it has to offer. While visiting a destination, some things you must visits, while others are considered it as not a must place to visits.

Here are the compilation of the ideas for day trip from Kuala Lumpur that we think might help you to recharge during the weekend getaway. You will most probably get to explore the best neighbouring places to take a day trip while getting out of the big city and exploring beautiful Malaysia.

1. Kuala Selangor

Kuala Selangor would be a perfect place for nature lovers. From fireflies to eating place Kuala Selangor really got all covers perfectly. It is best known for their fireflies, that area has becoming a popular family getaway for KL people as it is close for driving.

Besides experiencing fireflies, you could also come for the uniqueness of its food, beautiful beach such as Redang Beach, Sky Mirror and the famous Remis Beach. You could also visit Melawati Hill, a home of endangered monkey species, experiencing panoramic view of the village and the coastline, and is famous among locals for its breathtaking sunsets.

2. Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands offer you some of the prettiest scenery in Malaysia and with that in mind there is no better way to check it out than by going for a hike. You can also enjoy the huge indoor/outdoor theme park here at Genting Highlands. With roller coasters, the only skydiving simulator in Asia, and many more rides, it is sure to get adrenaline pumping through your veins.

Don’t miss the chance to go and try riding the longest cable car in Asia that will provide you with majestic views of the rainforest beneath. Expecting playing with snow when in Genting as you can experience them at the Snow World Experience in Genting Highlands.

3. Ipoh

Ipoh is quite famous for its history and natural spots. Besides that, Ipoh has grown so much with their food attraction. It has now becoming a trend for KL-lites to travel to Ipoh just for the food. You’d be surprised as there is actually plenty of hidden gems to check out in Ipoh.

If you are someone who is into nature, Ipoh would be a great place that you can try explore. Ipoh got Mirror Lake where the lake practically looks like a mirror. You can also visit Qing Xin Ling Leisure and Cultural Village, surrounded by limestone hills and caves. This place looks like in China however, don’t be shock as you are still in Ipoh. Soaking in the hot springs at The Lost World of Tambun would be the perfect place to end the day.

4. Fraser’s Hill

If you are thinking of a place to avoid from people, Fraser’s Hill is a great place to do so. Fraser’s Hill still haven’t received many tourists despite having a bunch of attraction there. Fraser’s Hill is a unique place to visit for its old-fashioned guesthouses. It certainly will make you feel like you’ve taken a trip back to a different continent and time.

If you have never tried golfing before, Fraser’s Hill is the right place. They have mini golf and the cost can be considered as quite cheap for a first timer. You can also try pedal boating or water ball at Allan’s water if golf is not your thing. Of course, for some adrenaline rush, you can experience 900m long Flying Fox course above the jungle-clad hills of Bukit Tinggi.

5. Pulau Ketam

Even though it is not located far from KL, you could experience a whole different thing here in Pulau Ketam as if you are at a different state far from KL. Pulau Ketam or also known as Crab Island is a small fishing village. First thing first is you can learn about the local industries in Pulau Ketam which is fishing and sea products. The locals are extremely friendly and they are willing to share their daily life to the tourist.

What’s better to eat when on an island than the freshest seafood for breakfast, lunch and dinner? You can always go for eating fresh seafood when you are at Pulau Ketam. A good idea to expand your trip to the island is beyond land. Try renting a wooden boat and cruise the waters to experience the view of Pulau Ketam from the sea.

6. Port Dickson

Port Dickson is an ideal day trip getaway as the driving from KL is not too long and tiring for someone that are looking to relax at the beach and play some water sports with family and friends. If you have never experience sunset dinner cruise, don’t look too far as you can experience it here at Port Dickson with Dickson Dragon.

For something completely different you can get a tiny island all to yourself if you are willing to brave a walk on a rickety bridge and clamber down onto the sand to Pulau Babi. Since visiting a beach is a definitely to-do-list when you are in Port Dickson, go for Blue Lagoon. It is one of the more popular beaches but that doesn’t detract from its beauty thanks to the surrounding forests which also offer some nice shade.

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