6 Best Islands for a Malaysia Holiday


Malaysia has hundreds of islands scattered around thousands of kilo meters of coastline. Celebrity-standard resorts, world-class diving and metropolitan city centers allure tourists. Travellers usually include both Langkawi Island and Penang Island as one of their go-to islands list.

Untouched beaches, world-class diving and enjoying your past time in a deserted island are just three ways to describe the islands in Malaysia.

1. Pulau Langkawi: The Jewel of Kedah

Langkawi duty free is one of the most visited and beautiful islands in Malaysia. Take a day trip to UNESCO-listed Dayang Bunting Island, feed the eagles and watch the monkeys swim for food. Or bring your towels and sunbathe at Pantai Cenang before having a drink at the beach bar.

Langkawi Sky Bridge is an amazing experience. Enjoy the steepest cable car in the world, taking you up to 660 meters above sea level, where the bridge is located.

2. Penang: Cosmopolitan Island

Penang is one of the most famous places in Malaysia. Most of the state of Penang is located on an island and thus you can enjoy the beaches, sparkling waters, and relaxing islands with a great city experience. This part of Malaysia is also famous for its food, and anyone who loves to eat will really find a food paradise here.

Penang Hill is one of the most popular attractions in Penang. The trip is an unforgettable experience, giving visitors an amazing view of the whole island at the top. The best way to get to the top is by taking a train that that travels all the way up for half an hour.

3. Pangkor Islands: Empty beaches and hornbills

If you are looking for a place without tourists, check out Pangkor Island. Pangkor Island in Perak has empty beaches, a colonial fort and hundreds of hornbills. Locals rent everything, from jet skiing to canoeing to kayaking. The most effective way to see the beauty of Pangkor is from the sea by kayaking.

You may ride a boat to Pangkor’s most elegant restaurant, Fisherman’s Cover. The restaurant has coastal views like those in the Maldives. Expect fresh seafood, delicious desserts and a romantic ambience. The road around Pangkor Island past beaches, mountains and sleepy villages. Some travellers rent a motorbike and ride around the island. Others take the challenge of cycling or walking.

4. Perhentian Islands: Learn how to dive

There are two islands on Perhentian Islands which are Perhentian Kecil (Perhentian Small) and Besar (Big), that attract beach lovers, divers and snorkelers. Head to Kecil for the most affordable diving schools and meet other backpackers on Long Beach. If you opt for an exclusive getawat, go for Besar. Forget the road as the only way to get from one beach to the next is by taking a water taxi or trekking along the forest route.

Things that you can do here is you can try scuba walking and taking picture while walking in the beach. chill at Tupai Beach Bar and whats pot whale sharks and octopuses while diving with Turtle Bay.

5. Sipadan Island : Best Diving Spot

Sipadan island was rates among the world’s top diving areas and it is also ranks among the planet’s best diving sites. You can hardly find any other tourist as there aren’t any resorts or restaurants. While the island doesn’t offer any accommodation, it is still the best place to escape for a quick getaway. Only 120 people with a special permit can visit the protected zone each day. Sipadan is home to exotic species like sea turtles, reef fish, and hammerhead sharks.

One of the most thrilling things that you must not miss when on Sipadan Island is scuba diving. Discover the rich reef life as you go under the enchanting waters. You can find hard and soft coral that is eye-catching.  The most interesting and unique thing that you can’t miss while vacationing on Sipadan Island is for Sipadan Liveaboard. Enjoy a wonderful experience exploring the natural and fascinating islands on the yatch.

6. Pulau Rawa: The Sultan’s Island

To experience the royal family or a secluded vacation, this island owned by the Sultanate of Johor is the best place to go. Rawa Island is famous for its clean and clear waters, and swimming should be one of the must-do on the island. Rawa Slide is one of the best attractions on the island and that’s not an ordinary thing, as this fun monster slide gives you enough adrenaline flow before you land directly into the clear blue waters.

Rawa Island has charming flora and fauna that you can explore during your visit. Cactus Park is one of the famous attractions there. Avoid traveling in November and December as hotels tend to close their doors during rainy weather.

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