10 Benefits of Company Trip You May Not Know

Company trip, the chance to travel with the whole company. Source: insanbakti.com

Company trips are part of Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions (MICE) initiative. They are highly encouraged activities for companies due to the fact that these trips serve as great rewards to employees, apart from the great benefits of company trip.

After all, happy employees are the very foundation that makes a happy working environment within a company, and company annual trips are one of the things that can bring moments of joy and happiness to them.

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But What Is The Objective of Company Trip?
Achieving company goals is easier when employees feel rewarded. Source: proservice.com

Company trip, or otherwise known as incentive travel, can become a powerful tool in achieving different types of results and outcomes. Such travel programme can be targeted at different groups of employees within your organisation to reach specific goals:

  • Engage with employees – Staff feels more motivated and inspired with team outings.
  • As incentive to boost company sales – Company trip provides the encouragement to sales team to promote and sell your company’s products.
  • Incentives for channel partners – Incentive travel can also aid in engaging with your company reseller partners so that your products are constantly at the leading position.

Keeping your objective of company trip in mind, you probably think you know all there is to the benefits of company trip. However, do you know that company trips are more than just letting employees relax and have some fun?


Here are 10 benefits of company trip you may not know!

1. Expose Hidden Talents
Company trips allow you to discover your employee hidden skills. Source: pinotspalette.com

Incentive travels and team outings seem to be a no-brainer activity for employees on the surface. However, depending on the objective of your company trip, such outings can serve as a great opportunity for your staff to have fun participating in activities that require a tad of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

This is where you as the employer can get to know more about the hidden talents, strengths and skills of your employees otherwise not discovered during normal work days – one of the benefits of company trip!

Perhaps you host a drink-and-paint kind of trip where your staff get the chance to dabble with art while drinking alcohol to their hearts content, and you realise some of them can be extremely artistic?

With such discovery, you can better utilise their skills in the office setting and know who you can best assign to manage company tasks and projects.

2. Motivate Employees to Work Towards a Shared Goal
Many employees, one shared goal. Source: engagementmultiplier.com

Company incentive trips are fun stuff. When you organise a company outing to places together and incorporate team building activities at the same time, employees are more motivated and have more enthusiasm to work towards a shared goal that is not work-related.

Even if you don’t have any team building itineraries planned during the company trip, you will be surprised to see your employees teaming up or pitching ideas to solve and resolve issues that arise during travel. And because of the overall impression that incentive trips are fun, accomplishing goals no longer feel like a chore but come more happily and naturally.

Not only that, employees will be able to gain new perspectives from trip experiences and exposures. This perk among the benefits of company trip also includes challenging your employees to think differently as they work towards a common goal.

3. Give Employees a Fun, Mental-Health Break
Sounds like a familiar scene in the office? Give your employees the break they deserve via company trip. Source: giphy.com

We all know that working in the office can be mundane and repetitive. Oftentimes, employees feel restricted in many areas  creativity, space, environment  and this is one of the big reasons why they get demotivated from time to time.

When you let employees go on a company trip, this provides them the chance to rest, relax and rejuvenate their mind and body. Such an incentive definitely gives them plenty of space to take a breather away from their tasks at work.

Want to make travelling more fun for your company? You can arrange to have some dinner games during the trip when you have meals together to further boost the fun and happy travel mood.

Your employees will certainly appreciate you for giving them room to take a mental-health break.

4. Increase Productivity Inside the Office
Company trips done right can promote good productivity inside the office. Source: digitalethos.net

Want to increase your team’s overall productivity? You can achieve that benefit from company trips!

Company travel incentive is the perfect chance for your employees to hang out together outside of office and pick up skills relevant and beneficial to your organisation in a relaxed, casual setting.

Even a simple task like making a headcount during travel actually brushes up your team’s communication and teamwork. And with the added or improved skills gained from company trip, it definitely enhances your company’s productivity as your employees are better equipped with knowledge from trip experience.

Not only that, a trip outside your company allows for constructive feedback, opinions and criticisms to be voiced more freely, which can be applied and improved upon post-company trip. Such feedback may be helpful in organising work in the office leading to more productive sessions.

5. Create an Environment for Team Bonding
*fist bumps* Let's work together, team! Source: creativeventscroatia.com

One objective of company trip is to boost sales in the long run, and you will need a strong team of employees that are consistently motivated, inspired and eager to work to achieve such a result.

As a team is only as strong as its leader, a company trip provides a conducive environment for team bonding between the leaders and team mates – one of the benefits of company trip. This is the time where both parties can understand and learn more about each other in terms of strengths and weaknesses, including hobbies and interests.

With that newfound or extra information obtained about your employees, it is easier to plan and manage your human resources and work force now that you are more aware of their capabilities. Apart from that, you and your employees will feel closer than before with each company trip together.

6. Increased Loyalty
Employee loyalty comes when they feel rewarded and appreciated working in your company. Source: inc.com

Having a high turnaround of workers is something all companies would want to avoid if possible,  it takes a lot of time to train up employees to be good at their roles and it is a pity when really good and highly experienced employees leave your organisation.

A good way to retain employees would be giving them a break they deserve via an incentive trip. Company travel incentive will make them feel rewarded and appreciated, which in turn evokes a sense of loyalty towards your company.

Loyal employees also mean your staff will be more dedicated to their work and you will be assured of having a group of workers whom you know you can rely on.

7. Help Employees Overcome Their Fears
The one best time to face fears head-on is through company trip. Source: beinspiredchannel.com

Admit it, your employees may have hidden some secret from you and they wouldn’t share with you about the things they fear to do most while at work.

But company incentive trips are where the barrier of communication is lifted, even if temporarily. And what happens when you finally discover their greatest fears during trip?

You encourage and help them overcome their fears of course!

Motivate and inspire them to experience and go through their fears at least once in their life at company trips. As the trip participants are made up of colleagues, your employees will feel supported in the presence of these many co-workers, and have more courage to face their fears head-on.

Who knows, maybe your employees will start embracing their fears as friends and become better people!

8. Create An Equal Playing Field
Removing the layer of superiority allows employees to not hold back in expressing constructive opinions and feedback. Source: workspirited.com

It is possible your employees are not comfortable talking to you and addressing potential concerns they have at workplace. However, this tends to change when they are in a casual environment, this is one of the benefits of company trip.

Since company trips let everyone from different departments of your organisation to come together and mix around, this is the time where positions and company titles are temporarily forgotten and dismissed. As the main idea of going on company trips is to have fun and bond well with other employees, there isn’t a need to stick to strict hierarchies here.

And the outcome? You get to have less day-to-day barriers in communication within your company since everyone is more familiar with one another. This will definitely help to make your organisation a more pleasant and positive place to work in.

9. Help Employees Achieve Travel dreams
Company trips means all-expenses-paid travel, whee! Source: flipflopweekend.com

Not everyone gets the chance to travel abroad. And company incentive travel is one of the best ways for employees to go to places they have never been before without having to worry too much about high travelling expenses!

You can consider asking around for opinions on the places to go for company trips. This will give you an idea on the travel locations your employees would love to explore and in a way, fulfil their travel dreams.

When you assist your staff to reach their dreams, they will feel thankful and rewarded, which in turn, makes them consider working in your company much longer.

10. New Knowledge and Experience
Experience new things with colleagues together as a group via company trip. Source: almatravelcentre.com.au

This point among other benefits of company trip may sound like common sense but you may be surprised some people take company trips lightly because they don’t see how they are able to learn new things from such travels, especially if the places planned are the same location as previous trips.

What they don’t realise is that each company trip is a new travel experience regardless whether it is the same venue again. You will gain new knowledge and experience some way or other, and you will learn more about your colleagues quirks and personalities through such outings.

With the newly acquired information, it will improve your company’s overall decision making and even provide better insights on how to best work on projects.

One of the best experiences in life going on fun trips with colleagues. Source: aquasurf.com

In a nutshell, company trips are the perfect platform for companies to leverage on in achieving objectives and goals of the organisation. After all, each company would want to engage with their employees better and see an increase in sales as a result of good interactions with employees and partners.

And if you are not a fan of company trips, the above 10 Benefits of Company Trip You May Not Know should be enough to convince you otherwise!

Hope you find this article insightful! Enjoy reading this? Feel free to like, comment and share out the benefits of company trip!


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